The principal consultant for Delta Geophysics is Dr. Leon Thomsen, formerly with Amoco and BP, now retired. Most geophysicists know Leon, by friendship or by reputation, but here is a Resume.

Leon has 35 years of experience in exploration geophysics (and 11 prior years in academic geophysics), mostly in the area of seismic rock physics, and the physical characterization of the subsurface from seismic data. In several of these areas, he is a pre-eminent expert, with recognition worldwide. In other areas of geophysics, he is not a world-class expert; but from his contacts worldwide and his leadership roles in the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, he knows the people who are, and who are available to consult on your problems. Hence, Delta Geophysics, with its associates, offers a complete consultancy in the application of geophysics to hydrocarbon and minerals exploration, appraisal, and production.

The business aspects of the consultancy are handled by Pat Thomsen.